Tuesday, March 21, 2006

For the unconverted...

Today's tidbit refers to my love of Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. I would like to share with you the joy for this, my very favorite novel. The funny thing is - it must have a cult - like following, because every time I drag someone over to the G authors in the fiction section of Indigo / Chapters to show them this fantastic series inevitably there is someone who overhears my raving and joins in to recount her own tales of her love for this series - I swear....

Anyways, it really is unlike any other book I've read. Yes - there is some element of time travel (corny - I know), some elements of a romance (also corny - but great) - what would the world be like with more Jamies? much much better, with much much happier women! - but above all it is a true adventure mixed in with very interesting historical happenings.

As many of you have most likely already had to endure my ramblings about this superb literary specimen (and no doubt if you have received a gift from me in the last 6 months - it has been Outlander) - this is not really directed at you, but rather at those of you (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE - CYNTHIA AND TEILA!) who have not experienced the joy of Jamie and Claire - oh how I love them!!

The story revolves around Claire - a fantastic, strong, intelligent women who accidently falls back in time into 18th century Scotland and meets our brawny kilted scottish hero Jamie - who both will no doubt capture your heart! Their lives take them through numerous interesting historical battles (for the men out there) and really explains the scotish way (of the 18th century). What is really wonderful about these books is the fact that it doesn't just recount one event, or even just e few, rather their whole lives...... and what lives!

I could ramble on and on and on for a long time, but I shall spare you. However, if you just follow my advice (read the book!!!!) everyone will end up happy - I promise, trust me - and stay tuned for more Outlander musings.

PS - here's a little excerpt from the book - it is a vow that Jamie makes to Claire - and god, is it romantic......
Gaelic Blood Vow
Is tu fuil ó mo chuislean, is tu cnaimh de mo chnaimh
Is leatsa mo bhodhaig, chum gun bi sinn 'n ar naon
Is leatsa mánam hus an criochnaich ar saoghal.
In English...
"Ye are blood of my Blood, and Bone of my Bone.
I give ye my Body, that we Two might be One.
I give ye my Spirit, 'til our Life shall be Done."


Anonymous said...

It sounds interesting. I'll recommend it.

Linda said...

You should read it too - Honestly! At second cup or T -Ho's I've seen loads of guys reading copies of either Outlander - or other books in the same series.