Monday, January 8, 2007

Holy smokes!

Good things happen at the end of the day..... Thats my new theory.

My boss pulled me into his office this afternoon to tell me that I got another promotion! Wicked! How nice is that, pretty nice I think. So I'm off to dinner with Megs to celebrate that among other things.



Anonymous said...

CONGRATS!!!!! Does this mean another move? You keep going at this rate and you'll have a corner office by the summer!

Linda said...

Ahhh, thanks! Yes, another move, but just one desk away - but with a window!
I think next I might go for the VP's job...what do you think?

Unknown said...

hey Lulu
how are you? congratulations on the promotion hon, that is so great, I'm very happy for you, when you get your next promotion you should throw a party (one that I can actually be in town for!!)

Linda said...

Snoop! I didn't see you during the holidays...I will be sur to have another party when you come back!