Saturday, January 20, 2007

WO and Officer's Mess

Well tonight was the Warrant Officer's and Officer's Mess Robbie Burns Dinner - I am not sure if that is the actual name for the dinner but in any case it was the Highlanders Regiment that put on a dinner in honnor of our favourite scottish poet - Robbie Burns!

The evening was really lovely, except for the fact that I looked like the living dead. At one point I excused myself to the ladies room only to discover that my face was the colour of my living room curtains (ps - they are quite white) and my eyes after done them quite dark, also looked quite interesting - perhaps it was just the lighting, or perhaps I am truly the whitest non-albino this side of the himalayas and am desperately in need of some sun - I think I should discontiue the use of sunscreen on a daily basis, it just isn't the look I am going for these days......

But I digress, back to the evening. I showed up, in my 3 inch heels, my fancy floor length black chiffon gown and tartan sash, magically ran into Jen and was introduced to my tablemates for the evening - might I add that our table was very fabulously located. The evening progressed, men in kilts paraded around - and I might amend that previous statement with the phrase " in uniform" that's right ladies - men in kilts, in regimental uniform. It made me long to go back into the military - screw the achilles tendon - I think I belong there.....anyways..... dinner was delicious - haggis even! and the entertainment was out of this world. I have never, ever heard pipers and drummers like that before, it gave me chills and goosebumps! Plus, all the scotch I drank seemed to lull me into happiness as I gazed around at the kilts, and listened to the aforementioned drums and pipers. I have said it once and I will say it again....there is nothing better than a man in a kilt - and if you happen to have a lovely glass of scotch in hand - all the better!

Now I am sitting in my living room, in my gown and sash, randomnly typing away at a blog post I will most likely cringe at tomorrow and thinking I should header to bed.....tomorrow is coffee with Megs, shopping for secret santa gifts, picking up my car from my mother's (I couldn't drive due to the scotch), packing and a drive to kananaskis for another party - ughhhh, sounds very busy.......k, I gotta go to bed,


kristen said...

secret santa gifts? in january?

Linda said...

I know, weird, but hey I can't pass up a present opportunity can I?