Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I tried to write a posting at lunch today - it was quite good I thought, unfortunately blogger was down so it was deleted......very sad - but I digress....

Monday was of course my Robbie Burns Dinner at the Drop in Centre downtown. It went very well, Robert (our president) tells me that we served more than 800 people! We are even trying to have it classified as a world record - wish us luck.....This dinner was really great, but sad that that many people needed to come and eat such a yummy meal free of charge.....The meal itself was delicous, roast beef and mashed potatoes with gravy, carrots and turnips and to top it all off was the best Haggis money can buy - from MacEwan Meats on Elbow near Southland....Haggis itself is tasty and not at all gross as most think. Traditionally it is cooked in a stomach (the gross part) but nowadays they use a sausage casing, which of course is not essentially it tastes of stuffing mixed with bits of roast beef in it- yummy!

Yesterday was a brute of a day, stupidity reigned in the morning as I spoke with lender after lender about filling in forms properly - it really isn't that difficult, honestly! The afternoon was more or less okay, I was quite happy when I got to leave, but then of course I had numerous errands to run and that took me most of the evening.

Today was not too bad, tea o'clock came often, but cheesie o'clock was nowhere to be seen, which was just fine with me. SPINII was down all afternoon so we basically did clean up and filed - easy stuff - and because we were feeling so lethargic KQ and I decided to skip class tonight - currently I am sitting in my jammies, watching another episode of Pilot Guides (the Arab world) and eating some dinner. Tomorrow our class is going to be the worst ever, we are going over the aforementioned SPIN II (Alberta Land Titles website accessed by KQ and I about 50 times a day) and learning about how to look up land titles....I think we may explain to our crazy prof that we could in fact teach the class, and therefore are of no need of a tutorial....let's hope we can get out of it!

Tomorrow is also Robbie Burns day - officially, so watch for a positing featuring the work of the Greatest Scot Poet...perhaps I shall weat a kilt in honnor of such an auspicious day!

Newsflash....I just heard that Walker Texas Ranger Season 2 is now available on DVD.....


Anonymous said...

Walker Texas Ranger on DVD???

Awesome. My next month is officially planned.

Linda said...

Lets have a Walker Party.....we can all dress up in our best cowboy duds and practice our corny one liners and imagine we are karate masters!