Friday, January 12, 2007

So impatient

I have no clue why but I am wicked imatient tonight.....I was fine at work, I thought I was doing quite well, as a matter of fact the day flew by very quickly. KQ and I went to school after work and all I could think is that this is a huge freakin' waste of my time.

I know the DLS like the back of my hand, I could have taught that section...but I had to sit through it and wait 2.5 hours while she blathered on and on about legal descriptions and the people in the class didn't see to get it - why? I have no clue, it is very easy, but then again I've been doing this everyday since August... I guess I need to calm down a bit and give people a chance to learn, but really - shouldn't they be reading the text before they get to class? I guess that is why you do not need a university degree to get into the course. I will try to be more patient, I really will, but I wish that I could have just been at home in my pjs drinking tea and chillin' on the least Grey's is new tonight!

Oh, and enough already with the damn cold weather!

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