Sunday, February 4, 2007

Always remember to look inside your shoes before you put them on!

Oh, sunday night again and again I am exhausted.... here I sit, flipping back and forth between Notting Hill and Rob Roy..... good times, good times. Friday was a loooong, I started work at 7:30 finished at 6 pm and didn't in fact eat dinner until almost 9.

Saturday was really really fun, work was very very busy, Rachel and Rob popped 'round to pick up Robbie's glasses - good choice Rob! Then I ran home, stripped, jumped into the shower, sat on the couch with Miss Heather, curled my hair, gussied myself up for girls night, drank some more scotch, and then sat on the couch laughing hysterically with Heather and Rachel, crying at times because we were laughing so hard.

The really funny part came when Rachel and I decided to go and get some snacks to hold us through girls night, so we set out to the local 7-11. Here we were all fancy in our heels and gloves, hair and makeup done up, laughing, searching through 7-11 for snacks - we ended up with a yummy bag of Miss Vickies sour cream and chili chips, popping mini eggs, green tea with lime and a delicious box of macintosh toffee.....wicked! we laughed all the way home, and upon arriving at my place, we stumbled on some young guy trying desperately to get into the window of my neighbours apartment - so we stared at him......until he said "Oh, hi! do you guys live in the building? Do you guys know "...." the building manager - to which I replied "Uh, yeah, I know of him...why?

Apparently he was the guys brother and although it looked uber suspicious he assured us that is was okay and he just locked his keys in the door....We accepted it and told him that we just lived next door if he needed help....and this is where it got funny. After I told him what appartment I lived in he said "Oh, you must be the ones who have all the parties!"

Nice, I am now known as the partier in the building - hilarious! After that we watched little black book, munched our snacks up and laughed some more about all sorts of radomn things like snow snakes, scorpions and a whole plethora of funny stuff....good times good times!

Now I have to remake my freshly laundered bed, mmmmmmm, can't wait for bed....put away groceries, finish my movies and watch for my housewives.

Tomorrow should be fun, I've recruited more friends to be part of the job#1 team, yeah!

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