Monday, February 12, 2007


No fun weekend stories to tell, I spent pretty much the entire 2 days in bed, or on the couch, sick and with no energy. On the plus side because I was so sick and therefore didn't have any sort of appetite, I think I lost 5lbs. at least that is what my skinny pants tell me, they are even loose today - so now all I need to do is get sick lots more and voilá, I'll be set for bathing suit season! I know, I know, that's not good, but a nice surprise nonetheless.

In fact, friday was suppose to be wicked fun watching more bbc miniseries with Denise, which we did, but I was no blah, I couldn't eat my yummy dinner, and wasn't very talkative - Sorry Denise!- saturday wasn't really that much better. I called my mom late friday night and left her a worrisome message that I thought I might have pneumonia, which I am sure I don't - but I could hardly breath and my chest felt like it was going texplode...luckily that passed, but come saturday morning my mom showed up and dragged me out to a clinic - against my will - but in the end it didn't matter because they were closed. Now instead of being responsible and going back to bed doped up on drugs my mom took me out for soup. Quite the gesture, but I could barely eat anything, which is when I really did go back to my place and rest all evening.

Nothing much accomplished this weekend, and as a result I have nothing interesting to report, my creativity has taken a nose dive as of late, but hopefully with the return of my appetite I might be able to conjure up something fun for you all to read - note: I did not say y'all, but rather you - all, make sure you say it correctly please and thank you....

Perhaps tonight I will make a pit stop at good old MEC to pick up some travel necesities for my trip...... good idea!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Linda!
I hope you start feeling better soon! Sounds like you need someone to come take care of you! Get lots of rest! And no sugar!!
Take care! :)