Thursday, February 8, 2007

A synopsis of events

Still sick, quite sick, thought I might die at one point...but no worries, I am still here! But anyhoo, here is a synopsis of last nights and todays events thus far.
Yesterday I sat at my desk with many jackets on and several cups opf tea in front of me, hoping that school would be cancelled, which it wasn't. Last night, made it to school, amazingly, almost crashed while coughing, sat in class huddled in 5 jackets shivering praying that the teacher would hurry through the class - no chance. Afterwards made my way through the blowing snow to my car, collapsed in the front seat waited a few minutes for the engine to warm up and tried valliantly to get home. Again, almost crashed the car as I was coughing too hard...good thing I live really close to SAIT. Came home, showered - question for is it that I sat in the boiling hot shower for 5 minutes and was still shivering????? not cool I tell you, not cool. Anyhoo, put some pjs on, and a hoody sweater with the hood up, and some heavy duty socks (sleep socks if you will), and a steaming hot cup of tea and mug of soup - didn't warm me up. Went to bed with loads more blankets on the bed and downed the NyQuil, oh how I love NyQuil!

Slept well, woke up, stumbled to the bathroom to get ready, almost fainted while trying to do my hair, decided to lay back down for a minute, stayed there for 20 minutes, called KQ croaked into the phone that I didn't think it was a good idea to come to work today and promptly fell back asleep. woke up at 2 o'clock this afternoon and voila! here I am, still sick but not dying improvement!

In other news, Anna Nicole Smith has died, no cause yet, but CNN is all over the story....

Also, I forgot to mention yesterday in my NyQuil haze, it was my 200th post! Yeah! And in honour of that I have a survery question for you to answer...what is your yummiest non girly, sans pop alcoholic drink that you enjoy?


Anonymous said...

There's really nothing better on a freezing cold but picturesque snowy day than the classic cup of hot chocolate. It totally takes me back to my childhood.

Unknown said...

hi Lulu
I'm so sorry you've been sick, I hope you feel better soon hon :( take as much time off as you can, I find sleeping is the best medicine when you're sick.
take care