Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Big N, little y, Big F***in' Q

Uggghhhh, I sm sick, very sick and therefore am quite excited that I get to dope up on the aforementioned NyQuil, which if you haven't already heard from either me or my good bud Dennis Leary- I love! Last night I felt like death, cold, shaking, very achy, basically just miserable - but thankfully for my NyQuil I managed to get a good sleep and can therefore function at work today - and hoepfully at school tonight.......yuck!

Nothing else really to report, I ahve acomplished almost nothing at work this morning, it has been meetings all day, tomorrow should be hopefully a bit better and then friday should be even better....girls night at Denise's - parts 5-8 of our BBC miniseries, again with Sunterra's Friday Night Feasts...yummmmmm, maybe I will have my appetite and creativity back, thus far I've got nothin'



Heather said...

Feel better!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Boo-urns, I hope you're feeling better today, at least there's Grey's tonight! I'm sure after a visit with Dr. McDreamy you'll be much better!