Sunday, April 29, 2007

A thought

Tonight, whilst lounging in my new super hot jeans I was watching bits of the Lord of the Rings movie... not sure which one, but one of them, and anyways Liv Tyler is of course in these movies and her appearnace started a train of thought through my brain - let me enlighten you...
  1. Saw Liv Tyler
  2. Made me think of Steven Tyler
  3. Made me think of songs by Aerosmith
  4. Made me think of songs by Aerosmith and movies in which Liv Tyler appears
  5. Made me think of Armageddon
  6. Made me think of scene in said movie in which Space ship and Space station blow up in spectacluar explosion complete with fireballs
  7. Made me think that fire requires oxygen to be possible
  8. Remembered that there is no - or maybe very very little - oxygen in space
So, maybe I'm ridiculous, but maybe someone who is a little bit more into the space knowhow can clear this up for me.... how on earth (well, I guess how in space....hahaha) can a space station and space ship blow up with explosions and fireballs if there is no oxygen in space?


Anonymous said...

Whoa, slow down there. You're not trying to suggest that hollywood movies are unrealistic and in conflict with science, reality, and common sense are you?

Next thing you know, I'm going to log on your blog and you are going to be opining on the fact that Marty McFly couldn't really travel back in time and that there is no such thing as a flux capacitor.

Linda said...

Hey now, don't get carried too away.... we're talking about the time space continuum, and that it can only be disturbed/altered via process of the flux capacitor..... that much we know as Doc Brown is clearly a reliable expert in this field...

Having said that, however, this blowing up stuff in space thing is a bit wonky, don't cha agree?

Anonymous said...

While it would be entirely possible to 'blow stuff up' in space (explosions being possible in all kinds of environments, such as underwater - and which I would like to point out, doesn't include fire), you are most correct in pointing out that there would be no (or extremely little) fire due to your aforementioned reasons.
However, I do have one correction - it's the space-time continuum - though I can't really think of why the word order would matter since if you're transcending them both... well... you're just messing it ALL up!