Friday, April 20, 2007

You can put it in the win column....

Hot damn - another win tonight, 3-2.... and Kipper is still a hockey god....

Today was pretty decent - before the game I spent a great deal of time at work. KQ was there before I arrived this morning as I had slept in a wee bit.... but I still got there for 8 - worked and laughed and wrote silly emails in the am, ate lunch at my desk, had a conference with KQ in the kitchen and back to work in the pm. As we had such a huge amount of files to KQ and I decided to stay late, but - we thought we might treat ourselves to some lovely Ikea hotdogs before launching into the evening session of work... so off we went. At 4:30 we jumped into her car, cranked the XM radio channel 9 (the 90's) and sped away down the road towards Ikea. Downed our hotdogs and lingonberry pop, took a quick survey for the Ikea people - for whcih we were richly rewarded with coupons for a free cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun at the cafe during our next visit - jumped back in the car groovin' to some more 90's tunes and arrived back at work fresh for another shift of file processing.

The nice thing was that we were able to find a super cool VH1 90's station on the internet and listened to it until 8 when we thought it might be time to header and leave.

Now, it's 11:00 - I'm thinking to myself that it is time I took out the garbage, cleaned the place up a bit and got my butt into bed. I'm notorious for staying up waaay past my bedtime, and tonight is no exception but I thought it was high time I filled you in on the happenings in my life - which you can see are quite minimal. Basically I wake up, slap some makeup on my face, don appropriate work clothes (today happened to be my beloved Freddie jersey) and jump into the car to go to work. I arrive at work, toast my toast, check my email, sip my coffee, and process files. I eat a bit of lunch and work some more... then I leave work, come home - put my jammies on, make dinner, eat dinner, email some more people, talk on the phone, watch a bit of TV and go to bed. Saturday's I switch it up with a visit to job #2 and Sundays consist mainly of sleeping in, laundry, drinking coffee and reading.

Basically biding my time until I can take off again, or do something spectacularly fun like travel or visit with friends. Anyhoo, that's my life for now.... kinda sucks to get back into it all after a vacation - but somehow I think I'll manage, at least while the Flames are in the playoffs.

Ok, I'm beat I gotta go to bed..... night!

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