Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Not much to write about these days... I am back housesitting, one less cat here (RIP Cas)- kinda sad, but it makes my life a whole lot easier. But living out of a suitcase for another 2 weeks really doesn't interest me that much, although I can even walk to work I am so close.... Perhaps I shall, get more active and all that jazz you hear about so often.

Tonight KQ and I had our second to last LAND 212 class. I left when we started doing our in class activity - the boredom was killing me.

Work is work. We finally got caught up to the huge backlog of files, thank god! I have started to question the whole Land thing.... I can't see myself doing it, not a good thing seeing how I have already taken 3 courses..... I should really analyze that situation a bit more, the next class is set to start next week I think.

Easter is this weekend, I almost had wicked fun plans, sadly they got the kybosh......but just think only 44 more days till Montreal! YEAH! I am missing so many of my new friends there, and my husband of course! Plus the new H & M will have opened already in Calgary so I can go on my trip looking like a super star! Awesome!

Oh, driving home today I thought of another funny Tunsian story to tell you......

Martin, Julie and I were all shopping in the souk in some random city (I can't quite recall the name just now) and we wondered into a jewellry shop. Me being me, I asked to look at all the pretty rings (as I was continuing our silly marriage joke with my hubbby).

Whilst trying a few on I was also modelling them for my shopping partners and we got to chatting about birthstones (I must have been trying on something with a blue stone in it....) and I mentioned mine was sapphire... blah blah blah... next thing we started talking about horoscopes - I asked Julie and Martin what there signs were - Julie is a Leo and Martin is a scorpio.

Now keep in mind this whole conversation is going on in french and the french speaking shop keeper is standing right next to me... therefore Julie is a "lion" and Martin is a "Scorpion"... and as I divulged my sign, I instantly regretted it.... I said " Je suis vierge" which could translate into... you guessed it - Virgin.... to which the shop keeper immediatley perked up - "Ah, oui.... BON!" aka - "Wow, great!"

Damn it! Although I meant it more in the way of Virgo, the damage was already done.


Anonymous said...

Je ne me souvenais plus de cet histoire !!

Merci pour ces beaux souvenirs !!

Linda said...

De rien Chéri!