Monday, December 17, 2007

Things to warm your, well my, heart

During the past week or so I've either seen things, or done things that make me quite happy, and I shall list them for you....

  1. Little kids playing hockey on outdoor rinks... who couldn't be happy about that?
  2. Ikea at Christmas
  3. Tea and cookies with Grandama
  4. Meals and visiting with friends and family
  5. Fluffy snow
  6. Buying Skates
  7. Knowing that you have a job after christmas
  8. Crossing off things on your to-do / to-buy list
  9. Christmas specials on tv
  10. Waiting for your SPICE GIRLS Greatest Hits CD / DVD
  11. Christmas Concerts / Ballets, I guess we can just say Activities..

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