Monday, December 24, 2007

Weekend Update

Nothing too fun to tell for this weekend, mostly I worked... Friday night and Saturday - and wow, it was busy... people were a bit snarky, a bit impatient, that sucked, but whatever. Saturday night I saved lanster from being Bridgett Jones at a party, but in doing so I became Bridgett myself - we had a fun time though. Eleni and Crystal on the other hand had to stiff it out at the office Christmas party in kanaskis. From the stories I heard it was quite the evening, nudity, suggestive comments and the like... I'm not going to lie I am pretty happy I said no to the invite as I was really not into partying with the company that was going...

Sunday was Santa day as I made the rounds and chatted / dropped off presents to friends - which is always fun but I ate waaay too many Christmas goodies.

Now that brings me to my next point - eating too many Christmas goodies... I need to finish up my naval entrance stuff which means I need to do my fitness test, and of course get through basic training. In order to do this I need to be quite fit. I do go to to the gym and do as many sit ups and push ups as possible if I watch TV, but I need something more hardcore to be ready. So I've decided to join a co-worker in the UBC, ultimate body shaping course (aka kickboxing) for 10 weeks from Jan - March. The deal is every day you alternate between toning / resistance training and kickboxing, taking Sunday off. Hopefully all will go well and I'll be fit enough for basic. I am worried though that I won't be able to walk for the entire month of January...

So now I have to work in this new workout into my already packed schedule... I think I've got it figured though:

Mon - Toning
Tues (am) - Kickboxing
Wed (am) - Gym
Wed (pm) - Navy
Thursday (am) - Kickboxing
Thursday (pm) - Job #2
Friday - Toning
Saturday (early am ) - Kickboxing
Saturday (later am) - Job #2

having written it out I am thinking I forgot dancing... so maybe I shall slide that in on Monday nights, or maybe Thursday night and I'll work job #2 on Mondays... ahhh - i don;t know.... I just know that from now until July I will be ridiculously busy and I apologize in advance for being absent.. maybe we can do lunch sometime - call me.

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