Wednesday, December 26, 2007

World Juniors et al, Day 1

Being Boxing day means that today was the first day of several hockey related endeavors. #1 Being the World Juniors, played this year in the Czech Republic and #2, The Macs AAA Hockey Tournament, and #3 the Spengler Cup in Switzerland.

I'm not sure if I am going to catch any local hockey, but I will be sure to cheer on our boys overseas. We started today with a win, of course, in the form of 3-0 against the host nation(Canada vs Czech Republic in World Juniors). Tomorrow we met Slovakia at 8am our time, I think, I should check that out actually. Spengler Cup action was another Canada win (of course), 4-3 against HC Pardubice. The next game in that series goes tomorrow at 12:15 pm against HC Davos

Today also, was the Wedding Shower for my good friends Colleen and Drew - and it was really fun. Rachel and I met up and headed out to wish them well and spent the afternoon laughing and catching up... I should really get out to Montreal again to visit them soon...

I'm not too talkative tonight - I'm still suffering from all that tryptophan - and of course the laughter that erupted from the ridiculous game of Scattergories, oh that Anthony and his switching letters!

K, so that's it for now, I'm going to relax in my new plaid pants and Stanford Hoodie. Night!


Anonymous said...

You should go to the Mac's Midget and check out the Ludic(sp?) Oil Kings. My cousin Richard Ursulak plays on them. They got their buts worked today 7-1 but they were tired and nervous I think so they should be better.

Linda said...

I'll check the schedule and see what I can manage.. what day are you going?
Which Matt is this by the way.. I know 2 Matts, both with the last name starting with B... do I know you through Amy or Heather???