Tuesday, February 12, 2008


So apparently sitting at a desk staring at a computer plus kickboxing a lot = very sore and stiff muscles. Who knew??

This morning I booked myself in for a massage at the laser health centre on the 2nd floor of my office tower, and wow, it was great. She has some magic hands, that massage lady... my shoulders are much better and my neck is amazing - well done to her! I have a different massage booked for a month from now - a gift certificate from my sisters for christmas - that also should be just about perfect as it falls during the last week of my course. I will however need to begin swimming the following week, which may or may not suck, we'll see.

Tonight I think I'll pop by the gym for a quick run as I need to step that up a notch - maybe I'll do 4 miles tonight - and then it's home for dinner, making lunch for tomorrow, maybe have a visitor and then fall into a blissful sleep... my life is quite boring these days...

Oh, one more thing to mention - I am still waiting for the go ahead from Ottawa for my swearing in ceremony. Apparently they are still waiting for my old service records. Weird thing is though, they've had since October to get this all done, why the hold up now? Bottom line is that they ceremony may not actually happen tomorrow night, which sucks big time... oh well, there is nothing left to do but wait - I guess that means I am a civilian for another week or so... meh...

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