Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday Blahs / HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I woke up at 6:50 this morning, having no recollection whatsoever of turning off my 5 alarms, thus I missed my 6:30am kickboxing class - that sucks!

I did however go for a run last night after my toning class... and I was faster than ever before - which means I am making progress somewhat.. yeah!!!

Tonight is another run, to make up for missing my class this morning. Afterwards its home to clean my mess of a room and make dinner / lunch for tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, no word yet on if my ceremony is postponed yet again... that also sucks... and then Thursday I give plasma again and start the weekend of house sitting. I also get to eat cake on Thursday as it is Sandy's birthday (mmmmm, cake!) and then a special dinner on Friday as it is Denise's ACTUAL birthday... yeah!!!!

OK, I'm done for now, we'll chat later.

One more thought before I sign off... it's Sabeen's Birthday today!!!! Happy Birthday to you my dear... I am sure you are hard at work today, but I know you'll celebrate in style!

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