Friday, February 8, 2008

War Memorials

Last night I attended a very interesting lecture at the Military Museums regarding War Memorials in NW Europe, meaning France and Belgium. The presentation was really well done and the audience was just great, not to mention the nibbles they had set out beforehand. It seems as though there are lectures almost every month and I had such a great time that I think I'll sign up for the next one. The nice thing is that I had been to some of the battlesites featured in the lecture so it was especially fun. The man presenting was so knowledgable and easy to listen to that the time just flew by, and the company wasn't half bad either.

In any case I recommend it to all of you - if you happen to be in Calgary of course. Here's the listing from the website:

Explore North West Europe's War Memorial Destinations with the Museums (KOCR) archivist Al Judson

Since 1867, Canadians have served around the world in military actions for the cause of peace and freedom. Many feel that Canada was born on the battlefields of Europe, as over 116,000 gave their lives over the past century. Back by popular demand and armed with over 80 photographs, Al Judson, the Museum's own regimental historian, will take you on a journey of the notable war memorials of North West Europe.

Mr. Judson's passion for military history commenced while studying for his Arts Degree at the University of Calgary in 1989. His extensive contribution as a volunteer with the Museum of the Regiments (now called The Military Museums) began in 1995 when he volunteered to be a museum host. In 1996, he retired from his employment at the University of Calgary and became a near full-time volunteer with the King's Own Calgary Regiment as an archivist and regimental historian.

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