Friday, August 3, 2007

Friday friday...

Because I can't be bothered to write an entire post with puncutation and proper grammar - you get a list... so here goes....
  • I am hating house-sitting... although I love dogs, and these ones are cute - they are infuriating..always barking, always whining.. and the cats - the CATS - there are 4 of them.. 'nuff said.... who has alll these animals and constantly leaves them at home thus needed a housesitter????
  • I am loving getting up at 5 am every morning for swimming/ the gym
  • the pain in my neck is getting to be 'er a pain in the neck - enough already
  • The Lethbridge airshow is this weekend and I am depserate to go
  • Heather leaves next week for a month and a half and because of the aforementioned house-sitting gig I haven't barely seen her this summer and now she is leaving - not happy about that at all
  • Been a bit of a hermit lately, not sure why, but I need to see more friends - I'll resolve to do so after this damn house-sitting gig
  • I loved the fact that I got to have dinner with my cousin who I haven't see in about 20 years.. and her husband and her little boy - they are super fun and I had a great time.
  • I think I am suffering from lack of travel / excitment in my life... too freakin' bad I have no vacation time available to go anywhere worthwhile
  • I am suepr stoked about the Spice Girls coming to Vancouver in Dec - that's right, I said it - I love the Spice Girls and am not afraid to proclaim it to the world.
  • Highland Games in Canmore are in a month and I cannot believe the time has flown by so quickly - this year we actually get to stay for the Ceilidh

and finally...

  • Cam's Bar call is this wednesday at the Court of Queen's Bench in the pm - I am so excited to go, what a great accomplishment - yeah for Cam!!! Bravo to you and all you've worked for... I am so proud.

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