Monday, August 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Weekend

As you can tell from the balloon, this weekend was my Mom's Birthday. Her actual birthday was in fact saturday but as I was working, we decided to change it over to sunday and take a trip to Banff for the day. Before I launch into that however, why don't I just recap the weekend events first.

Friday - I went for my bloodwork to check my iron levels... I'm sure they should be much higher these days. Then after work I zipepd over to Linens N Things for a set of bed risers, now my bed is huge and I have to jump into it every night, but at least I have some storage space, well more storage space underneath. Then I think I ironed, watched more "The Unit" episodes and made some dinner. Nothing too exciting but it made all the difference. I like being a hermit.

Saturday as I mentioned earlier was work day at job #2, it wasn't too bad, at least I got to see my friends again which was nice. Saturday night I got to steam clean my area rugs - which for those who know me know that this was ny most favourite activity. Lani and I went to town cleaning my various area rugs that were damaged in the flood. In fact we had so much fun with mine that we pulled out one of hers that she had in her closet and then cleaned that one too - good times I tell you, good times! After cleanign was movie night, " Lock, Stock and 2 Smokin' Barrels" was up first - classic, funny, awesome, and "Shaun of the Dead" was up second - truly funny and wickedly british - I recommend them both.

Sunday of course was Banff day with my mom and little sister. We first went to the Banff Springs Hotel - which as it turns out is my most favourite hotel in the world, and yes I've ben to Vegas and all over everywhere and I still like the Springs the best. I think it is because it is basically a castle, and a Scottish castle at that!! It was sad to see however that the tartan wasn't draped everywhere like it used to be. I guess our Americans friends that purchased the Fairmont hotel chains decided that perhaps they didn't care for tartan as much as us Canadians do - what a shame... kinda makes me mad 'cuz I love tartan. Anyways, back to the hotel.... we explored almost every nook and crany and decided that indeed this hotel needs to be where I spend a significant amount of time. The one thing that I was a bit sad over was the fact that my mom (and for this reason I do not know why I am related to her) she did not want to go for High Tea... so instead we relegated ourselves to a small lunch at the deli and walking about and exploring afterwards. After the hotel we zipped out to the town and explored the main street... and of course the Spirit of Christmas. A lovely store indeed if you have ever been.... I used to not be a huge fan of the aforementioned holiday, something about it just never struck me in the way it does others. I've since changed my tune because of one Mr. Cameron as he loves it so much.

After the main street we piled back into my car for the trip home, stopping for dinner and then back to my house to unwind before the work week - which ps, I am not loving... Eleni is out for the week on a trip, so sad.

Now I'm at my desk listening to the run down of the wedding of a former co-worker that was on saturday.. the same co-worker that sat beside me and talked and talked and talked about her wedding all day..... I'm not too impressed so far, hopefully this day gets better....


Anonymous said...

Hey Linda!! Hope the day is going well :0) Banff must have been so much fun! Can't wait until our trip in two weeks. Talk to you later!!


Unknown said...

Hey you, how's it going? Haven't talked to you in a while but was catching up on your entries when I noticed "YOU'RE GOING BACK TO THE ARMY?" what? where did this come from? when do you leave? wow, I was not expecting this, but then again you've always been unpredictable. Good for you :)

Anonymous said...

I agree that Banff Springs is a beautiful hotel. Fairmount hotels was actually bought out by Canadian Pacific, so it's still a Canadian hotel.

Linda said...

I thought Raffles and Kingdo Hotels (owned by Saudi Prince Alwaleed) bought out CP thus making the hotel mostly or completely owned by non canadians