Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday Lists

No time for real posting... just some quick thoughts to put down before I forget.
  • The sun is no longer up when I leave for the gym - not impressed
  • I need more art in my life, I'm thinking ballet and symphony season tickets - I wonder how expensive that will be
  • In keeping with the art movement, I think I should take the nest year and read all the classics - meaning: All Shakepeare's plays, all Jane Austen novels, all Bronte sister's novels etc....
  • I love my apartment, it is very homey
  • Mean and snarky gym ladies are not my idea of fun at 6am
  • I only have 16 days left before september - before I should be joining the reserves - yikes!!
  • I will be 26 in less than 1 month - yikes again!!
  • I've decided my hair needs to be darker - we'll see how that pans out

That's all for now - time for breakfast.