Thursday, August 9, 2007


Ahhhh, currently I am sitting on my new and much fancier couch - with thanks to Heather's dad and Kevin we are the new owners of a wonderful new couch and loveseat. In fact, they are so comfortable that I can hardly notice the mess surrounding me in my apartment - coming home from house sitting is always a disaster. I seem to accumulate stuff, not so much fun. Anyhoo back to the couches. I've decided that these are the ultimate in comfort as I can sit crosslegged with Heather's laptop on my lap and I could even have a lovely nap on my lovely couch. Too bad that Heather cannot be here to enjoy the lovely new couches as she has departed for her month and a half long trip to South America- Bon Voyage to you, have oodles and oodles of fun!!!

To return to the topic of housesitting, I can say that although I do enjoy puppies - I really do, but in combination with 4 cats and keeping in mind that these dogs are not trained in the least - you can all imagine that I am ecstatic to get home. Not to mention that the aforementioned critters would wake me up at 4:30 with barks after barks after scratches on the door, after whinning - brutal I tell ya brutal. That and the freakin' huge amounts of cat hair everywhere - yuck!!

Tonight I've decided that after I clean up the house a bit - although now that I've mentioned it I'm not sure I can really, I've had to pull out all furniture from the windows as we are awaiting the windowers (as Heather calls them) to arrive and install new windows.. Funny thing though, they are 3 days late so I'm not sure if they will ever arrive. Anyhoo, I should maybe just chill and have a lay-in night - a lazy tv watching, linda only evening.

However, I should give some kuddos to Cam. Yesterday was his call to the bar - a ceremony where he is admitted as a member to the Law Society of Alberta. Basically it is a prestigious day after which he can call himself a proper lawyer. So congratualtions to you Cam - I am really quite proud of that you have accomplished, and I am very happy to have been there to celebrate it with you. Give yourself a huge pat on the back, you deserve it!

Other well wishes go out to Eleni and Katherine for tomorrow as they both have final exams to write - good luck Girls!

K, gotta run and make some dinner - plus Jeopardy is on and we all know how much of a Jeopardy freak I am.


kristen said...

those are indeed some comfy couches. even the love seat is big enough for napping! ahh...good memories of napping on those couches...enjoy.

Linda said...

you'll have to visit them when you're in town.