Sunday, August 12, 2007

Out Damn Spot, Out!!

There really is nothing better than relaxing on a sunday evening, drinking a lovely cup of tea, watching some quality programming on the television and getting ready for the work week. To further explain my delight I shall share my weekend plans.

Friday was suppose to be a girls night at the movies. As it happens only Rachel was able to come, which was fantastic in itself - but to make things even better we were able to see Becoming Jane. Now, if you know me, and I sincerely hope you do, you will know that I do enjoy movies of this nature - I am a huge "Period Costume Drama" fan, Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility and the like. Needless to say Rachel and I enjoyed ourselves immensely and the starbucks chat we had afterwards was fantastic.

Saturday was interesting - I worked. Now, I know what you are thinking... didn't she quit job #2, and the answer is yes, indeed I did quit, but I was asked back for a few weekends so I obliged them and thus was stuck working. I did, however have a nice time seeing the girls again. Saturday evening though was something special. Another Job #2 Alumni was in town from London (thats UK not ON) and we had the opportunity to take in a presentation of Shakespeare's MacBeth at the Shakespeare in the Park Festival. It was set in modern day - which I hope you are all putting together that I do not like - but nonetheless was presented well and in a fun and interesting way. The best part of the night though had to have been hanging out with Rupinder - I hadn't seen her since my impromptu trip to Europe last year and this was a well needed catch up session. While we watched the events unfold in a curiously non scottish environment (PS - for those of you wondering what I mean.... MacBeth is a play set in Scotland and the actors did not feel the need to exhibit scottish anything) we dined on a sumptuous picnic of pizza buns, Starbucks Vanilla Frapacinos, babybel cheese and a wonderful veggie tray. Afterwards we made our way (which took quite a while) through the Park back to my place and chatted away until midnight - parting on the promise of dinner before she goes back to the UK. All in all a great evening.

Today was also quite eventful. The day started with Dim Sum with my Dum Sum buddy Ronnalie, at the newly opened Tang Dynasty restaurant. We were so excited to go as the restaurant that used to occupy that location had been closed for renovations some time ago. This trip however was not to be as delicious as hoped for. In fact, the meal was rather disapointing. Despite reservations we were seated in the far corner of the dining room, almost no carts cam by our table and the waitress that we asked to help us did no speak any english. As it happens we were able to eat a few things, which were far below the standard of the previous restaurant. We made our way to the Golden Happiness Bakery in search of something sweet and then back to the cars to head to her house for a movie and later on a wonderful meal of Rouladen and Spitzlei...mmmmmmm.... So we grocery shopped, chopped, pounded, fried, baked and ate our delicious meal while we watched 300 (a truly awesome movie by the way) and then I was on my way home to clean, relax, and ready myself for tomorrow's 5 am wakeup.

So, here I am, finishing this post, feeling rather nostalgic while watching Harry Potter on CBC, making my sandwich and lunch for tomorrow wondering if I will be doing this for my children someday. I hope so.

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