Thursday, August 16, 2007

Should, Should not & HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  • Shouldn't : Go to a movie wherein they show copious amounts of scenery on Europe thus making me want to live there forever (damn you Bourne Ultimatum) - really good movie though. Unlike some reviews I thought the slightly shaky camerawork emphasized the action.

  • Shouldn't: Plan a night out every evening. Tuesday was the movie night, last night I went to my Aunt's house for dinner, showed off the Tunisia pictures and visited... oodles of fun but I didn't get home until 11 and then of course I somehow occupied myself until midnight and then fell into bed

  • Should: Buy flowers every week - I love my roses, they are so lovely. I put about a dozen of pink tipped and a dozen white each in a chinese style vase I bought in China town on sunday - they are so beautiful and the certainly brighten up my desk

  • Should: eat toast - I am on another toast kick... I freakin' love it..mmmmm

  • Should: Eat more Steak. Steak last night at my Aunt's, Steak tonight at Eleni's....mmmmm steak.

  • Should: Clean up my room, it is a clothes strewn mess

  • Should: Wish Heather a very happy birthday - not sure if you will see this heather dear... But when you come home in a month we can have a celebration then.

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