Friday, August 24, 2007

One year later....

Ah yes, a year after one of - arguably - the worst days I've ever experienced....Not much has changed, but that is the way it is and I will deal with it as it comes....I just hope it doesn't happen again...I should really stay away from job #2 today... collectively it was the worst offender.

In other news, I got to chill last night with my kitties, and I could help feeling this morning as I drove into town, how nice it was to be staying with the Bolivers as the downtown core was surrounded with a low cloud - just the tops of the high rises were peeking out and it was quite the sight to see.

Oh, and some more anniversary news - on the 21st I had my first anniversary of my full time job - all in all it hasn't been too bad... 2 promotions, 2 raises and now I have a desk at the window... what will the next year bring I wonder?

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