Tuesday, January 22, 2008

AHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!

Kickboxing this morning was brutal, I can hardly type this out my arms are so tired..... Let me explain why though.

Last night was upper body toning - I always seem to think that I can do better than I actually can and therefore end up using up all available energy just to get through the workout, which now that I think about it is probably a good idea. Anyways, last night my workout, I felt, lacked a little something something... in fact my push ups were so crap that I went home and did oodles more. I think I needed to redeem myself in my own eyes or something to that effect. Anyways what ended up happening is that this morning I was so tired, and without very much arm strength that kickboxing was indeed quite difficult. Nevertheless I gave it my all, working harder than I have yet and feeling much better about my performance.

So then, arriving at work, I trudged up the stairs (cause now with my eco-friendly attitude I do not take the elevator unless I cannot physically make it up the stairs) and collapsed at my desk taking a bit of rest. When I got my strength back I trudged up the stairs again to change into proper clothing (my floor is being renovated to the ladies room is either up or down stairs to me), and came back to make my breakfast. I missed my cell ringing and when I checked the messages... I had a message from the military peeps - they wanted to book my fitness test... YIKES!!!

So this would be the final bit before I am totally in. I am pretty scared, but I called, made the appointment for next wed the 30th and then if I pass I am in - which means I should be doing non stop push-ups and cardio from now until then.... double yikes! I know I will pass, but I am scared nonetheless.... maybe I'll screw up and be banned from any and all military activities... but really, it just hit me - this is it - I am in, I am going, wow...


Anonymous said...

You'll do great!

Linda said...

Thanks!!!! I need all the help I can get!