Monday, January 21, 2008

Week 2 Wrap up

Last Saturday morning was the unofficial end to week 2 - the hardest one apparently - the official end was of course Saturday evening, but at least I was finished with the exercise part of it. As usual, the kickboxing was killer - Shelley is the hardest instructor, and those mornings spent with her have become the bane of my existence... well, that coupled with the fact that I work for 8 hours on my feet after the killer session really doesn't do anything to lift my spirits.

Job #2 however, wasn't too terrible - people were generally quite decent, nothing of note occurred, but I was quite tired when I got home.. thankfully the girls drink night had been postponed so I went home, put on my pjs and made some dinner. Later that evening my little sister called and decided we were long overdue for a visit and wanted to pop 'round with some movies and Mr. Coop, I of course thought this was a great idea and they made their way over. After the movie and some chatting I eventually went to bed as it was 1 am and Amy left around 2, I think... I was asleep so I'm not too sure.

Sunday morning is always a wonderful time for me, I generally can sleep in and relax which in my life seems to be somewhat of a rarity. This week was no exception - I woke up around 9:30 and leisurely got ready for out annual "World's Largest Robbie Burns Dinner" for the Homeless. Being around lunch time this year means of course that it was more of a lunch than a dinner but a meal nonetheless. The official numbers haven't come in yet, but as last year we served over 800 people in less than 45 minutes and this year it was much much colder out pretty much guarantees that we served close to 1000! Roast Beef, Haggis, Mixed Veggies, Turnip, Mashed Potato and Gravy were all on the menu, and it was a hit from what I heard. I think we even gave out socks!

After that was all said and done I made my way over to the local 7-11 to pick up my Sunday treat - Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, along with some Vanilla Milk... then back home for a bit of R&R before movie night with the other R&R - I seem to have watched a few movies this weekend! Anyways, back to the movies.. "Paris When it Sizzles" with Audrey Hepburn was up first. A very interesting movie, fun to watch with friends, and of course loads of snacks... and being that it was Sunday we basically stuffed our faces with all sorts of things bad for you, but guaranteed to please... Movie number 2 was "Fracture" with Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling - not a very Linda movie, but it was very good. I even guessed the outcome 38 minutes into the movie... fun times for sure!

After that it was off to bed and up this morning for the start of Week 3... I can't hardly wait..

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