Wednesday, January 30, 2008


This just in... passed with flying colours... thanks for all the well wishes - you guys rock!


Unknown said...

oh wow, congrats :) ofcourse you passed with flying colors! so happy for you, now you can relax.

Anonymous said...

COngratulations! So, are Reese peanut butter cups and a glass of wine in order on an upcoming Sunday in celebration??!!?!

Linda said...

Sunday's eating schedule..
1.Midnight, or rather 12:01am: Eat Peanut Butter Oreos and glass of milk
2. 10 am:Eat large Breakfast, including bacon and pancakes with older sister... mmmm
3.2:00 pm: Eat Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Vanilla Milk
4.6:00: Have some decadent for dinner - fish and chips maybe, oh plus a glass of wine
5. 9:00 - Desert... haven't decided what just yet

Wow, looking at my schedule I have decided that a) I am addicted to SUGAR and b) I like Peanut Butter and Milk... weird!

Anyone want to join me?