Thursday, January 3, 2008

MMMM Prime Rib

My mouth is already watering. Tonight is the first annual KQ and LS Prime Rib Dinner at Smugglers. It seems as though we might be alone in our date, but boy are we going to be satisfied. Especially when we get all access to the salad bar, which by the way is quite fantastic.

Last night I was also treated to a great culinary experience, this time is was the Keg and I ate a delicious bacon wrapped Filet Mignon. Not as fantastic as the Ch√Ęteau Briand at the Inn, but nevertheless a lovely piece of beef. If I could I might eat this way 4 times a week, but sadly I am a poor bastard and thus cannot pay for delicious steak.. poor me.

Anyhoo, to further the temptation I've decided to post a lovely picture of exactly what I shall be dining on this evening.. aren't you all so very jealous????


Anonymous said...

You stupid bastard! I want some steak now :0(

Linda said...