Monday, January 28, 2008

Holy Deep Freeze Batman

I just checked the temp for tomorrow - that day I need to kickbox at 6:30 in the morning... and it seems as though I'll be leaving the house with -38 degrees sans windchill..... wow, that is just about the worst thing I've heard in a long while. To add to that unholy mess of a morning I also have to work at job#2 later on after work... so that means I'll be heading home at 10:30pm... I am hoping desperately that my car starts... I really have no clue what the heck I will do if it doesn't.

Despite the weather it was a rather lovely weekend. I kick boxed Saturday morning, it was a killer workout.. 110 push-ups, shall I say more??? Then off to job #2 I went.... which wasn't the best day, but I got through it nonetheless. Afterwards I was off to spend the night with some friends, went to bed at 9:30 - it was glorious!

Woke up Sunday morning, went to Chez Cora's for breakfast... ate my weight in meat... was full for hours and hours so I relaxed a bit in the afternoon and then continued to stuff my face with fish and chips, popcorn shrimp, chocolate milk and eggies and Ronnalie's... Now this is the nice part - anytime spent with the aforementioned Ronnalie is wonderful. Each time I leave I feel as though I have refreshed my soul - we talk and talk and I always feel better about my life, the decisions I made and what is to come for me... so I think she deserves a big THANK YOU for keeping me sane and grounded. It's almost as good as a 2 week vacation!

So there I was all set from my conversation with my dear friend, driving home in the chilling cold... not fun. So what did I do, I went home and decided to make an impromptu beef stew.. I really didn't have any of the proper spices, and I didn't even use Frank's Red Hot so I'm not sure if it will be delicious - but as long as it's warm I couldn't care less!


Anonymous said...

I'll say holy freeze batman!
:) It is nice -3 out here today...hehe. And it seems pretty cold! You gotta come out here Linda! We would love to have you!
Miss you lots!
Hugs and kisses from all of us here and especially from Samantha!

Linda said...

I would LOVE to come and see you guys... I miss you all so much - we'll see how everything goes with the navy - I may be out there for training.... I'll keep you posted..

Hugs & Kisses!!!