Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Well, it's Jan 1 - and what do we do this time of year but make resolutions to be better individuals. So here's my take on it, even though new year's resolutions are generally crap. Oh, and these are in no particular order...

  1. Keep in better contact with my friends
  2. Get up early and enjoy each day
  3. Be more productive on a daily basis
  4. Be more positive about everything
  5. Purge my belongings... I have far too much stuff
In regards to my last years resolution lets, recap shall we...

  • Smile more, and mean it, aka be happier - and this I will make an active effort to do so! Not bad this year... I think I definitely laughed more - courtesy of course of Lanster and Eleni...
  • Have better posture - I used to have wicked awesome ballet dancer posture, somehow over the years it as suffered a wee bit, it's not really that bad, I'm not a sloucher by any means, but it could use some improvement. Also, improved a bit - no doubt by going to the gym.
  • Get more sleep Funny stuff... sadly no improvement here
  • Cook more at home - I have amazing cookbooks and I should freakin' use them I did well here, I found some more recipes and hopefully I will do even better this year
  • Stop procrastinating Yikes, I think I made this a resolution this year...

So after all that I think I should review what I actually did this year...
  • Changed departments twice
  • Did eye exams in Tunisia for people who needed eye care
  • Saw the Sahara desert
  • Acquired 2 husbands... one in Tunisia and one in Montreal...
  • Zipped out to Montreal twice to visit friends
  • Visited with Rupinder when she came home from the UK
  • Almost Visited with Maya, mental note to visit with her this year - in person of course
  • Finished 3 classes in the Land Admin Course, too bad it is not for me
  • Became an Auntie (not a real one)
  • Participated in 3 charity walks
  • Cleaned up a flooded apartment twice
  • Bought a fancy new Mac laptop
  • Started Scottish Dancing
  • Left the eye clinic and started a different Job #2
  • Saw Diana Gabaldon in person
  • Joined the Naval Reserve
  • Went to Vegas to see the Spice Girls
  • Made some very important new friends, including my twin, and of course re-kindled some old friendships
**** Actually As E-Money Pointed out, I acquired 3 husbands... Sorry Scott.. how could I ever forget you?

I think that just about covers it... I am just hoping that 2008 is even better, and more exciting.

And what do you think this year might bring for you?


Anonymous said...

2008 Will RULE! And you actually aquired 3 husbands... there's the office husband... why do you always forget about him!? :D

Anonymous said...


Linda said...

you are correct... office-husband.. oops!!! Sorry Scott!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Linda! I love your year review! And that Samantha was included in that! She loves you and misses you! Love your blog! It is the best! I am so glad I can keep up with your life this way. You are a great lady!

Linda said...

Ah thanks!!! you're pretty special too! I should really try to make it out and visit you guys.. maybe you can come see me in may when I'm in Esquimalt..