Friday, November 23, 2007

Book of the Week

This week's entry is a current events sort-of read. In light of what is happening in Afghanistan these days, I think we all should bone up on our information. I mean, how many of us actually know what is happening there?

Do most of us believe in the mission?

Are we all in agreement that the Taliban should be dealt with?

What about our troops that are over there, fighting for these people and laying their lives on the line for what Canada believe in. Do you support the troops?

Be careful with that last response though, I asked if you supported the men and women who are over there trying to make a difference, not whether or not you supported the war... that is a different question all together (remember the whole yellow ribbon campaign?)

I'm sure you know my response to these questions, but this week I thought this book would be appropriate. It was written by a reporter and outlines the "Stories Of Bravery, Friendship, Life And Death From Inside The New Canadian Army". It looks to be a great read.

Here is the write-up from the publisher:

Long before she made her first trip to Afghanistan as an embedded reporter for The Globe and Mail, Christie Blatchford was already one of Canada’s most respected and eagerly read journalists. Her vivid prose, her unmistakable voice, her ability to connect emotionally with her subjects and readers, her hard-won and hard-nosed skills as a reporter–these had already established her as a household name. But with her many reports from Afghanistan, and in dozens of interviews with the returned members of the 1st Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry and others back at home, she found the subject she was born to tackle. Her reporting of the conflict and her deeply empathetic observations of the men and women who wear the maple leaf are words for the ages, fit to stand alongside the nation’s best writing on war.

Happy Reading!

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