Monday, November 19, 2007


Wow, why have I not heard of this before???? This is me - and for anyone who has seen me in action, they all know that I am a maniac about my lists...

I make them for (well, made actually)
  • school
  • for work
  • for household stuff
  • for my travels (this one dates back to High School when Jessica gave me the prettiest handmade journal full of pictures of fantastic places that I would travel to.. she's so creative... )
  • for career options
  • for errands

Not only do I make them on paper, but I have a constant Tasks lists in my outlook that is always up on my right hand screen (i'm even looking at it right now... it says: Interpol, Dr. Vo, NATO A, NATO H, call N. Ashley, and GTD - David Allen)

I think I may need to hop over to Indigo and pick up the book form of the blog... it looks quite fascinating...

I'll post about the weekend a bit later - it's going to be a long post cause I was quite busy... and I have to get to work, so TTFN (that one's for you Eleni!)

Hasta Luego (It's Spanish week at the office... )

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