Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Breath of Fresh Air

So this post is going to be somewhat of a pat on the back - I'll just warn you all now in case your not up for that kind of blogging experience...

Let me explain - I had my interview this morning (a very scary interview)- it was suppose to be 2 hours long, it only took about 1 hour and 20 minutes as we went through everything so quickly - yeah! But, what I wanted to tell you all is that after it was finished - he actually told me that:

a) I impressed him - especially when I could quote my old service number after 8 years
b) I answered his questions very well
c) That he is going to recommend me to the higher ups
d) That he had interviewed several (in his words mind you) "mediocre candidates" and that I would be a welcome "Breath of Fresh Air"


e) That although I had written my aptitude tests 8 years ago that my scores were well above acceptable and that he was surprised I had scored so high when I was only 17...

And all this on a day I was seriously doubting my abilities, it feels quite nice to be wanted.. not bad Spencer, not bad....

Thanks to all who sent me happy thoughts - it clearly worked!


Anonymous said...

hey! good job!! i am glad that it went to so well....D

Linda said...

ahhhh, thanks!!! You're a dear!

Tonight when I got to my meeting, some friends gave me a good luck card and a big hug when I told them the news... you are all so awesome... positive thoughts work... thus I am sending all my positive energy to Momo.... such a cute puppy!