Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Medical

Woke up this morning with a somewhat familiar scared / nervous feeling. The reason I got out last time was because I was not happy. I was hurt, I was on crutches for 2 months, I couldn't walk, in short I was super unhappy with where I was and it was just not working with me.

Now, I am in the midst of rejoining, and this morning I had to go through another medical, something which I was certainly not looking forward to. Turns out (as it usually does) it was not bad at all. I got there, smiled and nodded, answered health questions and did the vision / height / weight thing - well I might add. Then it was off to the sound booth and my hearing test. It was kind of fun actually, I got to don wicked cool old school headphones and sit in a insulted booth with a Jeopardy style buzzer... my dream come true! Anyways, I passed the test with "excellent results" and was off to answer more questions. In fact I mostly chatted with the MWO, and he concluded that upon approval from my GP I am good to go. All that remains is waiting for HMCS Tecumseh to schedule my fitness test when they get the go ahead from Ottawa.

Things are doing well on that front, although quite honestly, as much as I feel that this is where I need to be joining is always a scary thing. I would have to go to Basic again, this time fortunately it's Reg Force equivalent which would help me a lot in the future if I do decide to go Reg Force. The sad thing is that it may be in the future as more and more layoffs happen. But I digress, the fact remains that basic is going to be tough, and it's a damn good thing that I have several months to prepare, otherwise I would be a lot more stressed than I am currently. In the meantime I'm off to the gym at 5:30am, plus after work sessions when I can fit them in and push-up / sit up sessions in front of the TV at night. My real hope is that I can work up to 300 push ups per day (like we had in Basic last time) and hour of jogging, something I have yet to do in my life.

Well, that should just about do it for now, The Unit is on and it is a good one - I clearly have my priorities.

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