Friday, November 2, 2007

My mother?

Yesterday at work as I bundled up to stave off the cold front that was engulfing my office (it was seriously freezing in here) I decided that I felt somewhat like the Staypuff marshmellow man as I had a long sleeved shirt, a polar fleece vest, a jacket and a scarf on. But the funny thing was when I examined my pockets... they were full of stuff it made me even puffier.... much to my dismay - these objects made up the contents of my pockets: kleenex (I have a raging cold), tic tacs and clinique lipstick... Upon seeing what I indeed had in my pocket the thought that I've become my mother suddenly dawned on me... wow, I am my mother... how's that for a shocker?

In other news....It's the 2nd of November and I've already cracked open the christmas music. Last night on my way over to KQ's for a very productive study session I popped in the latest and greatest in Christmas music... Chrsitmas Around the World - a 3 CD collaboration including Christmas favourites from Ireland/Scotland, Italy, the US and England/ Germany. So far I've just listened to the Irish / Scottish one (of course I did this one first) and I've been quite pleased. Tonight maybe I'll switch over to Italian for fun - who knows?

What else to tell you... Big test tomorrowm, well 3 tests actually..... and we need to ace this sucker... KQ and I should in fact do well though, I mean we changed a tire all by ourselves so it seems just as plausible that we should be able to write a freakin' government test just as easily - right?

On Sunday I found a Christmas Bazaar at the Scandnavian Centre. I don't think I can remember the last time that I went to a Chrsitmas Bazaar, let alone one at a Scandanavian Centre - so I think I shall go. Maybe I'll join the Centre and revisit my Norweigan roots... and just maybe I'll get some christmas shopping done... or wait - I'll leave that for VEGAS!!!!

PS - I leave in 35 days, 23 hours, 6 minutes and 18 seconds

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