Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Last night was my "tv" night.. first NCIS comes on at 9, then The Unit at 10... followed by Colin & Justin's Home Heist (if I'm not too tired to watch that is). So as it turns out I raced home from dancing to watch, and being that it is sweeps week I was not dissapointed. NCIS was a good one, Gibbs almost dies - but didn't of course... then came The Unit.

This one was for the record books. Grey was injured pretty badly quite early on in the episode and being that they were stuck in Lebanon (their helicopter was destroyed) and being hunted down by a militia group, the situation soon became very scary. As the espisode ran on Grey got worse, then better and then just as they were loading him into the ambulance with the help of some marines, Williams was shot in the neck and died.... The only freakin' Canadian on the whole show and the friggin' killed him!!

I was super shocked, and I think Matt and Heather were as well. But, wow, quite the night....

Sadly, that was the extent of the excitement for my evening. Dancing was rather lackluster - I was just not understanding... hence why I left early... but I'm still sad about Williams. That really sucks.

Ok, that's all for now - gotta get back to work.

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