Sunday, November 4, 2007

Whata day / weekend

Friday- normally a good day in anyone's book, and at my office it is a bit sweeter with the advent of Fat Friday - a legendary event. This week certainly did not disappoint as Jane made delicious garlic zucchini soup, brought cheese buns from Glamorgan Bakery and even made her famous ginger snaps - quite delicous....

Going backwards a bit, I'll explain how the day was extra special. I picked my mom up in the morning so she could have my car all day - she jumped in and handed my "my breakfast".... love moms they are always so concerned about you... the breakfast turned out to be a brownie - yum! Later on it was Fat Friday and we were all quite satisfied with the aforementioned fare. Then about an hour later I received the yummiest delivery to my desk - Crave cupcakes!!! 6 delicious little gems for me to admire all day (Merci Merci Merci Kristen!!!!) My day has already become 100% better than fabulous... then it was lunch...

We walked over to the mall, went to Indigo, poured over the books for a while and then decided to move on - the way out of the food court area I ran into some guys that I knew worked at Sears so I said my obligatory "Hi!" and tried to leave asap . I wasn't fast enough though - they asked the question I knew they were going to -
"Have you talked to Bowman lately?" an innocent enough question to them, not really what I needed to hear but I responded
"Nope, never" they of course looked quite confused thinking the didn't hear me correctly - so I repeated myself and then it dawned on them and wow did they look unhappy... they even gave me the "OMG I'm so sorry face" - I smiled and walked away... trying to forget the encounter... yikes!

Back at work I was working on clearing my desk for the weekend and then our Law firm decided to have a reverse draw to raffle off some "mysterious" prizes... turns out there were 6 prizes, I won one of them - a 1.14 L bottle of Tanqueray Gin - which is currently sitting on my coffee table in all it's glory - I'm very pleased which I am sure we all knew I would be. I think I'll save it for Rachel's 25th birthday party chez moi on the 24th... Ps - come on over if ya like, we are getting started around 8, call me or drop an email if you don't know the address.

So that was my day in a nut shell:
- a brownie for breakfast
- yummy Fat Friday
- Crave Cupcakes
- meeting Cam's old work buddies at the mall, trying not to be upset in a public place
- winning a large bottle of Gin for my troubles

Friday night wasn't really anything special, but I did make it home for bed before midnight which was probably a good thing seeing how I had 3 large government exams to write the next day at 8 am...

  • woke up very early,
  • picked up KQ,
  • went to the University,
  • waited for an eternity for the ridiculous government reps to hand out and proctor a very stupid exam (x3),
  • grimaced whilst said government rep embarrassed the crap out of herself by using words like "you's all" whilst speaking to a large lecture theatre of university graduates and barely being able to read directions outloud (also x3).
  • Ate lunch at the Den (a nice reminder of my uni days),
  • showered
  • changed
  • raced down south to catch the Flames game w/ Eleni and Denise,
  • laughed all night with E$ and Mace
  • drove home
  • chatted with Heather and Matt
  • collapsed into bed smiling that we got to change our clocks back an hour
Sunday (thus far)
  • woke up late
  • ate a cupcake (mmmmmm)
  • ate different pancake things that Heather made (thanks!!)
  • hung out and played on my computer, chatted with Heather and Matt
  • went to the Christmas Bazaar at the Scandinavian Centre - cute things
  • went to the Farmers Market (loads of yummy things)
  • went to Safeway (for the things that I couldn't get at the market)
  • chatted with funny Australian in line when he pointed out the health difference that he was buying Franks Red Hot and 4 pizzas whereas I had chickpeas, beets, skim milk, and sauerkraut, I however pointed out that in fact his dinner was bound to be far more delicious than mine
  • came home, realized my apartment is very messy and promptly turned on my computer to blog instead of cleaning.
K, that's all for now, I've procrastinated enough, time to clean



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