Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Today was a nice day - I really had a nice day.

I woke up early (for a day off) and popped down to the south to pick up my mom, we ran some errands - to the bank, to get her flu shot, to get a tea, and then went up to the Queen Elizabeth Cemetery to find my Grandpa (see previous post).

My mom hadn't been up to see him for a long long time so she wasn't quite sure where e was exactly, but we knew that the Juno Academy kids had placed Canada flags on all the graves of the soldiers buried there - so we had a place to start. We searched up and down the hills, along the rows and everywhere - to no avail, Grandpa was nowhere to be found.... so after examining each grave stone we turned to the administration office. They thankfully have a listing and we were given his coordinates - he was not near the other soldiers - he was very very far away from where we were looking... go figure! Anyways, we drove to his plot, found his marker, said Hi, cleaned him up, and sat for a bit with him (it was my first time meeting him). It was nice, I do regret not being able to share my life with him - my mom said that he would have liked me - I think that is where I get my affinity for Scotch in fact.....

Afterwards we got some lunch, stopped by the Legion (#264) where I inquired about a membership (yep, I'm gonna join up!) picked up my laundry, did my laundry, went grocery shopping and then I came home, tired but happy. Since I got home however, I've been quite bust re-arranging my living room (Heather is going to kill me....) but I need to make room for my Christmas tree and as we did not have as many seating apparatuses as we have now I am at a loss as to how to configure my living room... I've tried something, but I'm not sure it will work out well... I guess I'll try again on Thursday - with some help from Heather of course.

On a side note, I should mention though something about Saturday night. It was Lanster's Birthday Party which she chose to hold at Limericks. I was driving home so I didn't drink very much, but I did have quite a bit of fun... I got to hang with her non FNF friends - who are hilarious, and I should also mention that of course the FNF crew was there too... good times were had by all and I really did have a great time.. good party Lanster!

Now, in the spirit of cleaning up, and finding things, I've just some across a little piece of paper my Mom gave me a long time ago and it seems to fit the mood... the quote reads..

"Have Faith Even in Despair" Pope Jean Paul II

And so I shall.

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